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Interested in developing apps for Windows Phone 8, but you are developing on a Mac? No problem First you should consider whether to build native WP8 applications or Web applications.

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Applications will run directly on the phone platform, and will deliver advanced performance and a fully integrated experience to the end user. There is a lot of debate about which way to go, native app or Web app with HTML5, and I would say that the answer is… it depends.

Important Note About Latency

In this post, I will try to present the main options to go one way or the other based on the assumption that you have a Mac and want to stick to it. There is a free version that bundles these two and that allows you to do pretty much all you need to build and publish an application to the Windows Phone store:.

So basically, you need to have a Windows 8 64 bit install if you want to leverage the emulator, and you need a way to have Hyper-V enabled in your Windows 8 install. There is plenty of documentation online on how to set up the environments for both options to get Windows to run on your Mac, and you can also find details on MSDN here. If you want to go the Boot Camp way, once you have set up Windows 8, you can go ahead and follow the default instructions to download and install the WP8 SDK. You are now set to build, debug and test WP8 applications. You can start your development and debugging by leveraging the emulator and its tools, and you can consider using an actual Windows Phone 8 device, plugging it in your Mac, and setting things up so that the USB device shows up in the VM.

You can find extensive information on how to use Visual Studio for Windows Phone 8 development, along with its emulator, and how to publish an application, get samples, as well as everything a developer needs here. This means that whether you are writing a mobile website, or a PhoneGap type application, you can do so on your usual tool or editor all the way down to the debugging and testing phases.

Even if you are using Web standards, you need to consider that the level of support might not be the same on all platforms. For example, you need to get rid of any dependencies on WebKit specifics. When writing this code, you need to consider the various platforms that your mobile Web application will be used. Obviously the less specifics there are for each of the platforms, the better for you as a developer! Good news is that HTML5 support is getting better and better across modern mobile browsers.

How to Enable WP8 Emulator on Mac

IE10 in Windows Phone 8 is no exception and brings extended standards support, hardware acceleration and great rendering performances. You can take a look at the following site directly from your Windows Phone 8 device to check that out: To learn more on how to make sure your mobile Web code will render well on Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8 as well as on other modern mobile browsers, you can read this article. For a Mac, you will need to look into the various options to install a Windows 8 virtual machine, which are mentioned in the beginning of this article, and load your code in Internet Explorer 10 within Windows 8.

Once you have done these tests on Internet Explorer 10 desktop, you can deploy and test on an actual Windows Phone 8 device or on the emulator see previous chapters on how to set things up to make the emulator work on a Mac.

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With these steps you should be set to start developing and deploying Windows Phone 8 applications from your Mac. But there are certainly other tips and tricks that you will figure out and you may already know. This may change in future. Keyboard support is fine. Keyboard shortcuts are listed at MSDN. Remember to press Fn on your Mac for function keys. As you don't want to run Windows 8, the response is no, you can't run the emulator directly from Mac OSX.

If you consider the unique option: If both are supported, you should be able to run windows phone 8 from a Windows 8 machine. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Ask Question. That is not my question. This should, theoretically, make it easier to launch on an x86 Mac within an x86 based virtualization environment. Can I run Windows Phone 8 on Mac, directly? Seems like you are on the edge of knowledge about this one I used VMware Fusion 6. Get the Flash.

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I chose MB. See this article on MSDN. Click Show All from top left to go back to the Setting menu, then click Advanced.

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  5. Close the Settings. Now, before launching Windows 8, you need to tweak some Virtual Machine configuration. Exit VMWare. It may or may not has the. Ctrl-click and select Show Package Contents. You get a bunch of stuff here — XAML template, visual editor etc, etc. You probably did not configure the. Re launch the VM and try again. But the WP8 emulator seems only running within Visual Studio.