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This just skips the intro with all the happy families that everyone skips anyway…. This can be downloaded here http: If not, well my only advice will be to re-read all of the above and make sure you followed the steps correctly. Now that you have hopefully got a working Mods folder, you might need some actual mods to improve the game. These are all mods that I use in game, so I highly recommend them. NoCD mod. This is useful if you have trouble with the Disk Authorisation Error message at the menu screen. These three mods do not need to be updated with each patch.

The majority of mods need to be updated with each patch. Any other questions can be posted on my The Sims 3 page itsaprilXD or at my tumblr, ministryofsims. Sadly Twallan has announced that he is no longer modding for The Sims 3 so the 1. With this in mind it would be a good idea to download and save the 1.

Here are the links to the Mac 1.

Everything Sims!

Like Liked by 1 person. If you only use the mods listed from memory it was just the nointro and nobuildsparkles , you should notice if they work or not specifically with the missing intro — you should still see the Maxis logo, since there are two versions of that mod. Are you sure your game is updated to the most current patch? And what expansions and stuff packs do you have installed?

How To Install Sims 3 Custom Content (On Mac) Easy

Like Like. Hey April i have an issue. I am on the latest version btw. Are there either any later versions or AM I doing something wrong???!?! You must be doing something wrong, these instructions are crystal clear and the Resource. Just keep trying and follow the instructions very carefully, trying one mod at a time. This will have created a new, vanilla, Sims 3 folder. I can get it to work, but the only problem is that some mods crash the game when I make a new world. Were you only using the mods listed? If not, make sure that you have the updated ones in your game a lot of mods do get updated with each patch, so you need to go and replace them with every patch.

I cant get it to work too.. I tried this over and over and it still wont work. Also, when I open the game they ask me to update but whenever I click update they would say that there are no patches available for download.. Mine is 1. Have you tried patching manually? I highly doubt it, but it is possible, since from memory the cracked versions require you to replace files in the game directory. That is a good question!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this tutorial. That was what I was hoping for. Did you mean the mediafire one that tells you where it will appear in your download bar?

Mod The Sims - Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Files/Not_Working

Thank you so much for all of the helpful information! I just have one quick question, as I have never actually used mods in my game before. Thanks again so much! Most of the them should be helpful in getting it to work. The link is at the top of the article, first paragraph. But i really want ccs. Hello, I did all of the steps and the no introMod is working.. I did exactly everything right,i re-read it so many times…But none of them work! Even the nointro one,i downloaded a bunch and every single one is on the Packages file,but still,no success.

itsaprilXD’s How to install Mods on a Mac Guide – The Sims 3

Do i need to unzip the files before putting them into the folders?? You place the. If you want, you can edit this file. To do so, select Resource. Select Notepad more details with screen about open file here but only in italian sorry. The first method was created by Delphy, Inge, Echo and some other, this is an edited version tested from our staff. Pre-Patch method for install. Here in subfolders you can find some files with this name. Here we refer to custom content installation of. It doesn't overwrite anything, but set the game to read.

The path to find the right folder should be something like this The Sims 3. This file is compatible with World Adventure. How does it mean?

Mass Installation

Let's see at this example:. If you add more subfolders the game doesn't load them. If you would like to add more subfolders, you need to edit Resource. More levels could overload your games and increase the loading time. Vai a: Instruction to install custom contents in TS3 Install.

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The following article refers to the Resource. The old method to insert custom content in.