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Developers outside the MAS said:. Both MAS and Outside said:. Huge portion of Developers who sell outside the MAS and through both channels are already working with Setapp: Question - Are you partnering with Setapp to distribute your apps? Developers who distribute through both channels. Question - Would you consider distributing your apps via Setapp? We wanted to find out whether developers are happy with the share of the revenue they got from the MAS compared to Setapp, and how their experiences differ with each platform.

Mac App Store. Excellent tops the list of answers, showing that half of the respondents are pleased with the Setapp App Review process. Developers value quick communication. If there is a problem, they want to know how to solve it, especially if it requires extra time to work on an app, feature, or fix a bug. Developers benefit from clear guidelines. Subscription Business Model for Apps This is a hot topic nowadays. Did you try to switch to subscription model whith your app?

Did you try to switch to subscription model with your app?

Annual Setapp Mac Market Survey 2018

Do you think subscription model had a positive impact on your business? Why did you decide not to try subscription model? Why did you not try a subscription model? What kind of challenges did you face when implementing a subscription model? Would you recommend subscription model to other developers like yourself? Would you recommend a subscription model to other developers? Would you consider trying subscription model in the future? Would you consider trying a subscription model in the future?

Apple Rumours: A rumour that has been doing the rounds for a while now. Apple is apparently planning to combine the iOS and macOS app stores and operating systems. Apple needs to release more information, which it is sure to do in time. Will the macOS - iOS merge have a positive impact on your business?

Do you plan to start working on making your products fit the new model? Life beyond macOS. Do you develop apps for Mac only? Which operating systems other than macOS do you develop for? Why do you develop for multiple Apple operating systems? Would you consider developing apps for Apple operating systems other than macOS? Question for those who would consider developing apps for Apple operating systems other than macOS: Question for those who do not consider or are not sure about it yet: Why are you not considering developing apps for Apple operating systems other than macOS?

And if they did create apps for other operating systems, the most popular is iOS.

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All problems that can be overcome either with time, resources, experience, or willpower, if developers want to expand beyond macOS. Do you develop products for non-Apple operating systems Android, Windows, etc. Windows and Android were the most popular. Which non-Apple operating systems do you develop products for? Hardships lie in crafting an activation-licensing scheme and collecting data on your app. Coincidentally, the exact features developers have pointed out as the most important. Since another half of devs saves time using third-party functionality or combines them with their own fixes, we asked which tools and platforms they prefer.

Introduction Being a Mac developer takes guts.

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Mac App Store Developers: Non - Mac App Store Developers: Developers who distribute their apps both via the Mac App Store and Outside of it: How critical are the following App Store limitations to your business? App review process, overall experience: Speed of the review: Communication with the App Review Team: AppStore Review Guidelines: Appeal Process: What would you like to see improved in the App Store review process? Launching a digital product is harder than it looks from the outside. With no clear path, there are tens if not hundreds of ways to go about it.

This begins with what you make, how to make it, how you launch, and finally how you showcase your product to the world. Creating an app that solves a problem for yourself is a sure way to get it to a useable state.

I had a fairly remedial issue which was having a negative effect on my productivity:. In between Slack, Skype, Email and other distractions, I literally kept forgetting what I was busy with. I boiled my idea down to the following prerequisites:. Thankfully for me and for you , the best part about the internet is that there are thousands of examples of apps and programs that you use as inspiration!

I downloaded the files and got to work using Sketch , creating my own designs by dismantling what they had in their resource and rebuilding it according to what I needed. The next step is a sticky one: Finding a developer to help turn an idea into reality.

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Right, so I am a developer, and I could have written the app myself using this tutorial by Ray Wenderlich, but I decided against it for the following reasons:. So I had to find a developer, and as far as I saw it, there were two options:. It was really only minutes later I was on the line with Simon Archer , a talented developer from Cape Town. We discussed the app idea and how I wanted it to behave, and luckily for me he told me he was willing to do it fairly cheaply, using the app as a way to learn Mac OS menubar dev.

The unicorn of a win-win situation. This was important.

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I sent the app around, and gathered feedback on how it functioned. The over-arching feedback as as follows:.

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No problem, I came up with a novel solution: After gathering more feedback, and adjusting small bugs and UX decisions, I wanted to broaden the use beyond the beta group. I had to make a website to present it to the world. If you think there are s of ways to make an app, boy there are s of ways to make a website too.