Longo mac dvd ripper review

If you drop down one of the chapter menus, you will see that subtitles are also enabled. Rather than wasting even more of your time, do something productive while your Windows does its thing.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Review

That kind of thing. Eventually, you will find the DVD chapters nicely ripped as MKV files in the desktop folder you specified in the settings. Oh yes, that almost slipped my mind. If you now check the files, you will see that they are taking up a lot of space on your hard-drive.

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We demonstrate how to use trusted free, open source, and cross-platform software to convert video files into formats recognized by iTunes. Read More in a jiffy. So let us know in the comments what you think of this software. Will you be ripping your movie collection now? Image Credit: Disk Drive — Shutterstock. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Why did you start off the tutorial with Mac OS and then finish with Windows screenshots of the software? Quite confusing. I noticed that when you press the folder button you can choose to decrypt the files, does this need to be ticked?

It is a little complex.

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I prefer to keep my files in mkv format but reduce the size I've had better compatibility results across platforms. Handbreak for Linux anyway has the option to run the mkv file from MakeMKV into a reduced-size mkv file while maintaining full quality. Great results with over titles so far. Go out and BUY the movies or you are a thief.

I hit the bins at the discount stores every couple of weeks and find great older titles, many in bluray for a few bucks. Why do you think DVDFab was forced to abandon their usual websites and move to a remote corner of the internet? The lawyers were right to be concerned Handbrake doesn't work for ripping because it can't handle copy protection.

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Get dvd information before burning with Longo Mac DVD Copy.

Works fine if not protected though. Thank you for this great breakdown and how-to. Is there a way to select parts of a title before running this program?

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  6. I only need bits and parts of my blu rays not the whole film etc Sorry if this has already been asked and answered. Any help would be appreciated. If you mean, choose parts of the movie and miss out other parts, then no, MakeMKV doesn't do this. It rips the whole movie or nothing. You can use DVDShrink to rip bits and parts of movies. I use it all the time to rip specific songs from concert DVD's.

    I don't think it works on Blurays though, I haven't tried it. Well, nothing is perfect I guess, and some disks probably have some form of unbreakable copy protection. But MakeMKV still has a very high success rate. I started to look for other working tools, and I believe I was convinced by BDMagic, it is simple to use and I like its ability of 3D backup feature.

    You paid 'reluctantly'!!! You tried to 'clear the cookies and temporary Internet files'!!!! What is your problem?

    The Fastest 64-bit DVD Ripper for Mojave is MacX DVD Ripper Pro V6.0

    Write your own software you cheap asshole. Why should it be FREE!?!?!? Some had to take a lot of their time for this and it has to be constantly updated to copy new blu rays Cheap ass. Cheap asshole eh? Well, I've been called worse. Thanks for your very insightful observation, which adds an enormous amount to this discussion. Yeah, it's one thing to be cheap another to be dumb. Why would an installed program use cookies or cached internet files? Wouldn't the licensing information be stored in the registry? I have so many Region 1 special discs that I would like to add to media library.

    MakeMKV is fantastic. I've completed over blu ray rips this way. I have no idea why it is taking you 2 hours to rip a Blu-ray- usually takes me about 15 minutes. Files sizes for rips are for Blu-ray with an average of 25 and up to around on dvd. I thought it was weird you said dvds come up to 15gb Also there is some other misinformation in the comments here- commercial bluray discs are dual layer and are 50gb. You will see many movies coming in at the 35 range- a movie like Titanic will run you over 45gb. Anyways, there are quite a few free players that will play your mkv's including xbmc, mpc, and vlc.

    I use plex on an always on computer and it will convert it on the fly to all my devices in my house which is super nice. I am able to watch those mkvs on my ipad, phone, fire tv, pretty much anything. Handbrake is an excellent product, I use it all the time, but it definitely does not rip all dvds I have libdvdcss installed. Some examples: With flawless disc surfaces it will rip some percentage of the film and then just quit.

    A nice article that introduces us MakeMKV. I like their pages for offering so many playing details http: There are a lot of options and I'm not sure which ones to select. Just choose the file, then on the right hand side, choose which format it is for apple tv, iphone, etc. Then just start it. The default settings are normally enough to do the job.

    ISO files will play from a harddrive just like a dvd disk on a portable drive or in a player with a much smaller file size. I like to watch foreign films during my commute. It allows me to put the subtitles in the video permanently if I choose. You can also setup your own. It also is an all in one ripping program. It also gets updated regularly. They're faster, since the pits on the drive are smaller and closer together, but the sheer amount of data is the culprit. Remember, the video portion of the disc occupies the most space, comprising the movie itself, but when you add in the HD soundtrack s there are alternate codecs on the same disc extras and alternate languages, commentaries, etc.

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