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How To Find The Official Football Manager 2012 Editor

Threading Expand all Collapse all. Follow your favourite games, get instant updates Follow the games you're interested in and we'll send you an email the instant we publish new articles about them. Football Manager Whatever happens in your every day life, coming here should be an escape from it; so cheer up and talk FM. La Grande Inter It will appear in this list. Thanks Stam!

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Of course it was hidden in Steam the worst application in the known universe. The initial run may require to install direct X files.

How do you then edit teams and players etc on the editor as it doesn't seem to let me click on anything??? I don't have a "tools" folder in "football manager" nor do I have a "library" folder in the "Steam" folder. Help please.

Football Manager 2012

I suppose you didn't properly read the 2nd post on this thread, did you? Guys, I found editor link on my folder C: But, I couldn't open it.

Can You Game on a Mac? (2017)

Every time I double clicking editor, it always appears "Warning: Please help me. It's just annoying to not know what has made freeze in certain parts of the game. And I should add, I'm experiencing the same freezing issues on my partners Macbook Pro. Are they kidding me or what the..

I have been trying for 11 hours now. This is not okay. Running 30 leagues from 12 nations and I've had no problems on my MBP It's quicker than FM11 was. Do you have the most expensive one? I've got the April MacBook Pro 15": That's why I'm asking this!

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Other than FM slowing down the rest of OS X to the point where it almost feels like the laptop is going to explode when playing a match, it's fine. Steam takes up way too many resources, but other than that it's fine. That's odd, it might be worth you clearing your cache and settings to see if that makes any difference.

Thanks for this Neil, however I solved it another way, as per my post 51 on this thread: All good now for me.