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I wasn't thinking of putting every article into a new structure, just say the Mac articles into the "Hardware" and "Mac Hardware" categories to see which works best. Then any arguments on the specific structure of those can be done and the final model can be copied to the other articles, with minor changes as required.

There's a Housewives of Nebraska??? Sounds interesting, do they keep their trailers clean? D No they don't. They're too busy goin' to tractor pulls and Tea Parties. I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center? Damn, that's funny. Girls don't think it's a big deal; as long as someone isn't pushy or annoying, they don't mind if someone asks, and they find it flattering, even when they say they're not interested.

I agree. Don't be creepy, too. No heavy breathing through your teeth so it makes that creepy noise, and no Fava beans with Chianti for lunch. It should be offence, if anything, as in throwing their weight about the World. That's clever there, that is. Nothing, directly. I was responding to a previous comment as you can see. There is an indirect connection to the cartoonist issue.

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My feeling is that there's a general failure to understand why Apple has a restrictive policy regarding what types of apps can appear in the app store. My post addressed the issue regarding the prohibition of pornography, instead of the issue of what defines an app with defamatory content as was the case with the cartoonist. There's also, in my opinion, a failure to appreciate that the lack of consistency in the app approval process is a result of Apple being unable to anticipate every scenario and nuance that is presented by certain apps, and the fact that Apple hires people to review apps.

You can't realistically expect different people to always agree on situations that are slightly different. In order to respond to the explosion of submitted apps, Apple must have had to hire a lot of new reviewers. That means that you may have less control over the quality and experience level of the people that you have working as reviewers. This is a whole lot of excuses, for a policy which is simply inexcusable. There are many other companies which sell applications and content, which don't resort to such draconian measures.

When I download a new version of Firefox on my desktop, I don't get a warning that it may provide access to inappropriate content. Neither Apple, nor MS arbitrarily ban desktop applications from being purchased or distributed. Apple wants to be a publishing distributor.

If they can object to and ban the cartoon today, why not object to and ban an article in The Economist tomorrow? Apple has become Big Brother. It wants to control every purchase and every download, so it doesn't miss a single dollar you may otherwise spend outside the walled garden. And these are the predictable consequences. Inkhead, you make a good point about the ADA.

We are a community and facing hard times. We both have to work together to get our marketshare up so we can get more shelf space. The amount of non-game software space is very dismal. Stuff like OmniPlan is coming out..

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But I have a dream and one idea that I think is fresh enough to compete and possibly sell. Its all up to me to implement it and ship it. Steve Jobs said - "Real artists ship. I'm done from being in the office all day doing. Net development or maintaing others crappy code.

I am the only mac developer I know. Thats a very limited resource unless I want to quit job and live on rice on beans and find a part time job 3rd shift somewhere so I can code more. Im using XCode 3. A good application is like a good song. Animations can be done in others ways.. This is such a simple application, but it works. Reading this forum..

Trying to make a living as a software developer nowdays is not easy. Everyone thinks they are a developer just because they can write a web page or have XCode or Visual Studio installed or programmed a couple hello world apps in VB or Java. It breaks too many Applecare when people screw up installing Leopard etc.. Preview seed blew up my Tiger partition i had.. I had to do a clean install: I felt WWDC was not code specific enough as it is.. Too many IT tracks and less code samples and sample code released. Apple spent alot of time at the Keynote going over this.. A lot of documentation is not on the seed and exclusive for WWDC attendees.

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There is a fine line with what Apple provides.. Tiger seed given out at WWDC People poorer than myself. That doesnt help me with issue 1 and 2 above that I talked about.. So 1, is balanced and drops off. Applications will be won based on time alone.. These companies have the seed to.. But really helps me out by letting me catch up agaisnt the unknowns small shops like the guy that wrote F-Script Phillipe???

It helps me and Apple benefit.. It just sucks for the people who cannot commit and have to wait weeks for the same stuff. I am in the same boat and hear you brother. Damn Early for x86 only mac software! I guess we'll see if this kicks off a trend, or if it a bit premature in the industry Or, drag to the Mail icon in your dock Another option: IIRC, there is also a way to add contextual menu items through Automator.

It's been a while since I've played with Automator, so I'll have to check into it and post back if I find anything useful. For the first time, pretty much ever, I am genuinely disappointed in my nation.

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